Does your business need interview training for line managers?

Have you found yourself interviewing candidates with little experience? Or do your line managers need extra help understanding how to find the top talent to work for your organisation?

Selecting the best person for a role is a critical skill for those involved in the hiring process. Hiring decisions can impact the organisation’s performance and the cost of a poor hire is more than just a person’s salary.

Our interview training for line managers workshop is practical, easy to understand and most of all gets results. In this workshop you will learn how to find the right person or people for your business. You will improve your interview techniques, make better hiring decisions and feel confident throughout the recruitment process.

Topics covered:
– Learn how to prepare effective & legal job specs, job descriptions and adverts
– Develop an effective process for short listing quality candidates
– Prepare for interviews to get the most out of your time with the candidate
– Conduct a structured interview in line with UK legislation
– Recruit the right person for your business

To find out more about our interview training for line managers workshop, contact us on 01782 338787 or email