You wouldn’t build a house without conducting research and drawing up plans, and the same can be said about recruitment.

You need solid foundations on which to build up your current team, and the expert know-how on how to achieve your recruitment goals.

That’s why Appointments Personnel provide an in-depth and comprehensive recruitment audit free of charge to all new clients that focuses exclusively on your business and its individual recruitment needs.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here, your designated recruitment specialist will:

  • Visit your premises to get a real feel for your business
  • Take into account your current team dynamics and ‘job shadow’ where necessary
  • Identify and offer solutions to any barriers facing successful recruitment
  • Consider your specific recruitment needs, budget and timescales
  • Make predictions based on industry insights on future recruitment needs
  • Advise on current recruitment trends that will influence your goals
  • Create a tailored strategy individual to your organisation

This audit is free of charge with our compliments, because we feel that time spent getting to know your business is always worth the investment.

Click here to book your free recruitment audit today, or call 01782 338787 to speak to one of our experienced recruitment specialists.