Safeguard against illegal job adverts with our free legal advert check service

Placing an advert to attract new candidates to your vacancy is one of the easiest parts of the recruitment process – or is it?

Discrimination laws when it comes to advertising your vacancy are not as simple to understand as you might think, and a small oversight can cause major problems should you get it wrong.

Hundreds of UK organisations are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law every year by either directly or indirectly discriminating against candidates when placing recruitment adverts.

Don’t let your business be one of them.

To help employers safeguard their business, we’re offering a comprehensive free legal advert check service free of charge to local businesses to help them safeguard against the risk of illegal and discriminatory recruitment adverts.

Our team of experienced and qualified recruitment specialists will carry out:

– Comprehensive check of appropriate language & terminology in-line with current UK legislation
– Advert screening to ensure the advert does not exclude protected characteristics
– Advice on any areas that need to be re-visited to avoid any form of direct or indirect discrimination

We’ll also use our latest salary survey results to advise on your financial offerings and any other ways we feel you can increase engagement for your advert.

Call 01782 338787 or email to book your free legal advert check service and let the experts at Appointments give you the confidence to recruit without risk.