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Use our pre-interview checklist to calm night-before nerves

It’s the night before your interview and you’re bound to be feeling a little nervous. After all, the interview marks the final stage of the recruitment process and cumulation of all the hard work you’ve done so far getting your CV fine-tuned to wow the employer.

Instead of trawling through Netflix as a distraction from any jitters that might be setting in, take a peek at our pre-interview checklist to make sure your 100% prepared for the big day.

Do your homework
Doing a little research into the company your hoping to land a job with is part and parcel of the pre-interview tasks that any successful candidate should do.

Employers are always impressed when a candidate demonstrates true interest in their business, so do a little digging online and be ready with a few questions on the role or business as a whole that highlights that you’ve taken the time to find out more about them.

Dress sharp
Although the subject of correct interview attire is very much dependent upon the role and company itself, I’d always recommend that you dress formally in a suit or combination of shirt, trousers or skirt.

Decide what you’ll be wearing the day before and make sure that everything is in good condition, ironed and tidy.

Plan your route
You’ve probably already found out where you need to be and estimated how long it should take you to get there, but it’s always good to have a back-up plan. Imagine that your car decides that it doesn’t feel like starting or that a bus route is cancelled or delayed – what alternate methods of transport could you rely on to get yourself to the interview on time?

Problems can occur when trying to get to the interview and employers are often sympathetic if this isn’t your fault, but make sure you keep the interviewers contact details to hand just in case there’s an issue getting there at your appointed time.

Revisit your CV
Interviewers normally rely on the contents of your CV as a base for interview questions, so it’s well worth revisiting all of the information you’ve provided to them to remind yourself of what you’ve submitted.

Good quality candidates should easily be able to discuss items on their CV without much hesitation, so make yourself a coffee and take five minutes to quickly go over your CV.

Practice common interview questions
Common interview questions are bound to pop up during your time with the employer, so you should have already been putting a little practice in over the last few days.

Take a look online and see if you can figure out what the interviewer might be likely to ask you tomorrow and rehearse some responses – the more you practice these answers the less likely you are to become nervous during the interview itself.

For more pre-interview checklist advice or helpful information on preparing for your interview, check out some of our other relevant articles in our Knowledge Hub here.

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About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

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