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Are your skills in demand by local employers?

Recruitment trends are subject to continual change and depend on a number of various factors, so how do you know if your skills are in demand by local employers?

Surveys are often carried out nationally that give an overall picture of which skills employers are desperate to attract to their businesses, but as this takes into account major business hubs like London, Birmingham and Manchester they often fail to give an accurate representation of what’s actually going on a little closer to home.

Here at Appointments, we wanted to provide a regionally focused insight into which skills are in demand by local employers here in Staffordshire and Cheshire – so we created our 2017 Recruitment Outlook and Salary Survey Report to give local jobseekers and businesses the real picture of what’s going on in our region.

Following over three months of in-depth research with local companies, we can reveal which skills are most in demand by local employers in 2017:

  • ·         Technical Roles – 28%
  • ·         Accounting & Finance – 21%
  • ·         Managerial Roles – 16%
  • ·         Customer Service & Call Centre – 14%
  • ·         Sales – 6%
  • ·         Administrative & Office Support – 5%
  • ·         HR – 5%
  • ·         IT Support – 3%
  • ·         Marketing – 2%

Many local businesses are finding engaging skilled and experienced candidates in these areas a struggle, with the majority reporting that they have seen a dramatic drop in the amount of good quality CV’s for these vacancies, along with heightened competition from comparable companies who are upgrading their salary and benefits packages in a bid to win the best local talent.

Therefore, if you have skills in these areas and are seeking a new role, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities available and that the packages on offer are attractive due to the high demand for certain skills.

For more valuable insights into the local recruitment landscape including results of our salary survey, click here to download our free 2017 Recruitment Outlook and Salary Survey Report.

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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

Managing Director at Appointments, Emma has spent 19 years building up a stellar reputation for commercial recruitment excellence across a variety of industries and sectors. There’s no staffing challenge Emma hasn’t encountered and her insight into the recruitment landscape has assisted countless clients achieve their goals over the years.

Specialising in the legislative and procedural side of business operations and through her extensive knowledge and continual training, Emma has a wealth of legal and contractual recruitment knowledge to help advise and support organisations of any size and in any industry.