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How to nail that final interview

When you reach that final interview stage, you might feel that you’ve covered everything that the employer needs to make a decision on whether you’re the perfect candidate for the job – but you’ve not crossed the finish line just yet.

But once you’ve fought off the competition to reach the final interview stage, it’s worth remembering that this is your last opportunity to reaffirm why you’re the best choice for the role.

Many employers ask to see candidates more than once as a single interview sometimes doesn’t delve deep enough into a person’s motivations, character and career goals. Having already focused on skills and experience, the employer still needs to access how well you’d fit into their companies existing team and how well your work ethic aligns with their company culture.

Once all this has been covered, it’s not unusual for the employer to want to see their shortlisted candidates one last time just to go over a few final details.

So how can you make the most of your time with the employer before they make their decision and nail that final interview?

Emphasize your strengths
Although you’ve most likely covered this area before, it’s well worth reminding the interviewer of your top strengths relating to the role and how this sets you apart from your competitors.

Briefly mention any qualifications, skills and experiences that highlight these strengths in your final interview to keep it fresh in the minds of the employer.

Go over any weak areas
If there were areas that you felt you didn’t have the chance to cover in-depth or warranted further discussion that would show you in a positive light, then now is your opportunity to get these points across.

Allow the interviewer to lead the discussion but always have a list in the back of your mind of points that you want to discuss again so when the situation arises you’ll be ready.

Finish on a high note
As the final interview draws to a close, take a moment to thank the interviewer face-to-face for their time and the opportunity to discuss your application in greater detail.

Express that you’re even more excited about the prospect of working with them should you be successful following your final meeting but don’t directly ask if you’ve been successful in getting the role – it’s better to wait until they’ve made their decision instead of putting them on the spot.

For more information on how to perform well at your final interview, speak to a friendly member of the Appointments team on 01782 338787

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