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Lost your job? Social media can help

The moment you get the news that you’ve lost your job, regardless of if its due to redundancy or any other reason, it can send you into complete freefall.

After the initial shock passes and the news sets in, it’s a completely natural reaction to panic about who’s going to be paying the bills now that you’ve lost your job and your main income stream is no longer there.

Some candidates sit back and allow themselves time to consider their options, whereas others launch themselves into full-on job seeking mode the second they’ve been informed that their employment is about to be terminated.

Both of these approaches have their own merits, but one thing I would definitely advise in these first few days is to stay well away from social media.

The reason for this is simple – as soon as you post anything about you seeking a new role for whatever reason, you can bet that some of your friends and contacts will want to know why. This is a conversation you need to have offline as you may still be feeling a little raw and disheartened at this point so the temptation to vent on social media will be pretty strong.

Remember, anything you write about your previous employer won’t only be around for all to see for a very long time, but chances are prospective new employers will be able to see this too. Therefore, I’d seriously recommend that you don’t get drawn into revealing all of your personal feelings on social media.

Once the dust has settled, now’s the time to utilise social media to let your contacts know that you’re in a position to consider new opportunities. Give your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts a spring clean and get them job search ready as employers are sure to take a look at any profiles you have available.

Next, make sure that your LinkedIn profile states that your ‘seeking new opportunities’ so your profile can be found by potential employers and recruitment consultants with a role to fill. Doing this shows that you are welcoming further information on available roles and are ready to take on a new challenge.

Finally, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that many jobseekers have successfully found a new role by reaching out to their connections on social media. Take a few moments to create a brief post stating that you’re looking for a new position, what types of roles you’d consider and a short overview of any skills and experience you might have.

Also, be sure to connect with any businesses who you feel might be a good fit for your skills and experience, that way you’ll be sure to see any vacancies they publish on their social media channels.

If you’re seeking a new role in office support, technical, executive, call centre or accountancy and finance sectors, call the team at Appointments 01782 338787 to discuss our current vacancies or click here to visit our live jobs board.


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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

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