keeping staff motivated

Keeping staff motivated this Christmas

  1. With just weeks to go before Christmas, many employees are already starting to wind down as we approach the holidays. But although in most cases this break is well deserved, this slow down has a big impact on productivity in the last few weeks of the year.

  2. Keeping staff motivated on the run up to the Christmas period can be tough, especially as many of them haven’t has a break since summer and they’re busy making preparations for their family get togethers and Christmas shopping.
  3. However, finding cost effective ways of maintaining staff productivity and employee enthusiasm in the final weeks of the working year doesn’t need to be a chore. Here’s some tried and tested methods for keeping staff motivated with a festive twist.
  4. Show your appreciation
    Saying thank you to your employees doesn’t need to take thousands out of your budget. A bottle of fizz and a card to say how much you’ve appreciated their hard work is a nice gesture that won’t break the bank.
  5. Studies have found that 57% of employees would prefer a small bonus of personal gift rather than a staff Christmas party, whereas some workers see a Christmas event outside of work as a good way of boosting their morale.
  6. Whatever incentive you think would be most suited to your employees, ensure that you leave it until the last few working days before you finish up for the holidays in order to keep them motivated to work hard.
  7. Be family orientated
    Many employees with families will no doubt be receiving invites to school plays, panto’s and children’s Christmas parties before they are due to start their annual leave.
  8. Many parents feel torn at this time of year between work commitments and making memories with their families which can lead to resentment. Taking an interest in their personal lives and allowing them to take a few hours where needed and you’ll be rewarded appreciation and productivity when they return.
  9. Engage your managers
    Employees will follow suit when it comes to their managers leading by example. It’s up to them as leaders to show their teams that they’re continuing to keep up the pace until Christmas and to keep them motivated and focused on their work.
  10. Giving managers the go-ahead to provide an incentive such as coffee and cake or lunch bought in by the company as soon as everything is completed is an affordable way to maintain productivity whilst injecting a little festive spirit this Christmas.
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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

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