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Safeguard your business from legal action: How to conduct your interviews legally webinar

When trying to build a friendly rapport during an interview, it can be easy to innocently stray into ‘grey’ areas, which may seem harmless but are in fact discriminatory.

Employers may think they are just making conversation, but they could be leaving themselves open to litigation.

Many businesses find themselves subject to legal action not only because of the questions they ask, but also because of how they handle the interview process.

In this short free webinar session, Kerry Bonfiglio-Bains (founder of Appointments) and Emma Browning, a time served HR Consultant, will share strategic advice on how you can safeguard your business against illegal interview process pitfalls.

During the 30 minute webinar, we will offer expert advice on:

• Legally compliant adverts
• Secure application processes
• Safe candidate screening
• Common illegal interview questions
• Post interview compliance

So join us on 9th June at 2pm to ensure your interview process stays within the law and safeguard your business from costly litigation. Register here!

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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

Managing Director at Appointments, Emma has spent 19 years building up a stellar reputation for commercial recruitment excellence across a variety of industries and sectors. There’s no staffing challenge Emma hasn’t encountered and her insight into the recruitment landscape has assisted countless clients achieve their goals over the years.

Specialising in the legislative and procedural side of business operations and through her extensive knowledge and continual training, Emma has a wealth of legal and contractual recruitment knowledge to help advise and support organisations of any size and in any industry.