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How candidate feedback can improve your recruitment process

We all know just how important any kind of feedback can be for our business, but with the skills shortage still in full swing candidate feedback can offer vital clues on how you can improve your recruitment process and become more competitive in the battle to secure the best talent available.

What can candidate feedback tell me?
Giving prospective candidates an excellent experience of your business regardless if they get the job or not is essential if you want them to have a positive opinion of your company.

How you treat candidates throughout the recruitment process says a lot about your company culture, and you can be sure that should the experience be a negative one they’ll be letting other prospective applicants know in one way or another.

We all want to give any applicants a positive experience and many companies go above and beyond to ensure that candidates are kept informed of their progress in the recruitment journey and given good quality and useful feedback at various stages. However, its good practice to ensure that any process you’re following is being done so in a timely and effective manner from the viewpoint of the candidate.

How should I collect candidate feedback?
The best way of collecting candidate feedback is by creating a bespoke survey that details every step of your recruitment process and asks leading questions on how well you performed at each stage.

Online surveys often have the best response results and several platforms offer basic survey creation and data collection free of charge. Once your survey is ready, you can email all candidates a link to complete the survey and watch as the responses come in.

What can the results reveal?
Gathering candidate feedback can highlight any areas where your current recruitment strategy may be leaving your candidates feeling out of the loop and identify parts of the process that might benefit from improvement.

If you choose to offer the option that candidates can complete the survey anonymously and leave comments then you’ll find that you’ll receive very honest and informative insights.

The more robust and satisfactory your recruitment process is then the more likely you are to leave candidates with a positive experience of your company and encourage them (and others) to apply for suitable roles in the future.

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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

Managing Director at Appointments, Emma has spent 19 years building up a stellar reputation for commercial recruitment excellence across a variety of industries and sectors. There’s no staffing challenge Emma hasn’t encountered and her insight into the recruitment landscape has assisted countless clients achieve their goals over the years.

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