Are you earning what your worth?

Ask anyone the question ‘are you earning what your worth?’ and 80% of the time you’ll be answered with a no. Delve deeper into the thinking behind their response and you’ll find them reeling off reasons why their monthly pay packet just doesn’t measure up compared to the hard work they put in.

But ask them what they think they should be earning and the answers aren’t as straight forward – employees simply don’t know if they’re getting a good deal or if they’re being short changed as they often have no set in stone benchmark to use as a comparison.

Fact of the matter is that very few companies operate a completely transparent pay scale where all employees are aware of the salaries of those they work with and can understand the logic behind it. As a nation, it just isn’t the ‘done thing’ to talk about money and how much income we have coming in each year.

In most companies, it is actively discouraged that employees talk about and compare salaries between themselves and can in some instances lead to disciplinary action which is a pretty big deterrent, so it’s easy to see why most employees don’t have much of an idea if they’re earning what they’re worth.

Add the fact that the majority of salary surveys and income statistic herald from the big cities such as Manchester, Glasgow and London where the cost of living is significantly higher than here in Staffordshire and Cheshire and it makes it even more difficult to find a comparable role and salary information locally.

Every year we conduct a survey to give our candidates the most up to date information on average salaries for your role in our local areas. This acts as a great benchmark for anyone working and living locally to see how their salaries measure up.

As part of the survey, we’re currently collecting data on:
• Salary figures for a wide range of job roles
• What roles are most in demand
• How many employees have received a pay increase recently
• What perks some companies are offering to their staff
• How many local businesses are looking to expand their workforce in the next 12 months
• Where employers go to find employees just like you for their vacancies

So if you’ve been wondering if your earning what your worth or want answers on any of the above, click here to take part in our 2017 Recruitment Outlook Report and Salary Survey to find out if your missing out.

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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

Managing Director at Appointments, Emma has spent 19 years building up a stellar reputation for commercial recruitment excellence across a variety of industries and sectors. There’s no staffing challenge Emma hasn’t encountered and her insight into the recruitment landscape has assisted countless clients achieve their goals over the years.

Specialising in the legislative and procedural side of business operations and through her extensive knowledge and continual training, Emma has a wealth of legal and contractual recruitment knowledge to help advise and support organisations of any size and in any industry.