Another UK business slammed for discriminatory job advert

This week, the media has uncovered yet another discriminatory job advert posted online by a recruitment agency acting on behalf of a UK employer.

The advert which detailed the need for the applicant to be able to deal with ‘male banter and be sociable but not distracting’ quickly went viral and sparked outrage on Twitter.

Shortly after, the agency in question and the company both found themselves subject to investigation as the discriminatory job advert was branded ‘sexist’ and ‘regressive’ by industry experts and social media users who took to Twitter to voice their concerns over the discriminatory job advert.

The fact that the advert asks for an individual to be able to deal with ‘male banter’ implies that this could be perceived as a problem and has led to the advert being seen as sexist.

Click here to read the full story and view the advert.

This goes to prove that businesses throughout the UK are still failing to safeguard their businesses against the threat of illegal and discriminatory job adverts which carry the risk of hefty fines and significant damage to their employer brand.

To help local businesses recruit responsibly and ensure that their recruitment adverts comply with all UK legislation, Appointments are offering a comprehensive legal job advert check service free of charge to all local businesses.

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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

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