Kathryn Wilson Carrot InsuranceKathryn Wilson

Premium Funder Accounts Manager

“ I joined Carrot in September 2014 in an administration role and found the varied workload an exciting challenge.

Carrot is a great environment to work in and a lot of effort has gone into making it a comfortable and pleasant. All the staff are friendly and there’s always support for new members of the team.

There are lots of development opportunities available too, you can become multi-skilled over a number of departments within the contact centre and progress into new roles.

I started in an admin position, for the first month before progressing into a customer services role. As I gained more confidence in the position I was given the opportunity to transfer into the retentions department. This was a more challenging role for me, but felt like a natural step for me within the company.

I spent several months working within this position, which helped to develop my understanding of accounts and the financial aspect of the company. This enabled me to apply for a vacancy in the Finance Department.

I now hold the role of Premium Funder Accounts Manager.

My role is to maintain Carrot’s working relationship with Carrot’s finance provider. I monitor every transaction that is processed through the company. ”


Kim Richards - Carrot InsuranceKim Richards

Digital Customer Engagement Executive

“ I joined Carrot in April 2014 and find it exciting to work for a company that is constantly growing and changing, a lot of office jobs can seem quite repetitive day-to-day but that’s not the case with Carrot.

I’ve seen Carrot develop a lot during the time I have worked here. We’ve gone from having an office of around 30 people to more than doubling in size with a new office to fit us all in!

There are lots of channels for personal development while working here too. Over the summer I was lucky enough to go travelling, and Carrot allowed for flexible leave in order for me to do this.

I started in Customer Services, then after around 12 months in the position I moved to the Risk Management Team. Working within the two teams enhanced my product knowledge and I was ready to further my career within Carrot.

I joined the Marketing team in late October after an interview process and I now develop and monitor Carrot’s social media pages alongside working on exciting promotions for the company.

If you’re looking for a career, not just a job. Carrot is the place for you. ”


Simon Denney - Carrot InsuranceSimon Denney

Operator – Sales Division

“ I have worked for Carrot since March 2015, and became a member of the Sales and Retentions team. My main role allows me to liaise with customers and offer the best price available to them for their insurance.

I found the office environment of Carrot a refreshing change from other places I’ve worked and it’s surprising to work somewhere where no two days are the same.

Carrot’s focus is younger drivers, who without the telematics technology we use, would struggle to be able to afford an insurance policy. It’s great to be able to help people get on the road and selling an affordable policy to a new driver is particularly rewarding.

I enjoy the variation of my role, and also benefit greatly from Carrot’s bonus system. This is calculated based on our performances and I’m pleased with the amount I can earn.

During my time here I’ve been impressed by the growth of the company, and I hope to continue my career progression alongside the company’s expansion. ”


Laurie Jones - Carrot InsuranceLaurie Jones

Customer Service Team Leader

“ I’ve been with Carrot since February 2013 and was one of the first members of staff to join. We started with a team of three dealing with all our policies and formed what would eventually become Carrot’s Customer Service team.

During my first year I helped to create a number of processes for the company, aiding our customer’s journeys with Carrot. I’m proud to say our Customer Service team has built on these initial processes to create the efficient working environment Carrot has today.

It’s been especially exciting for me to be part of Carrot since its birth as I’ve been involved in watching us grow from a small business to a busy Contact Centre with a high volume of staff.

The level of our growth really became apparent to me when we moved into our new offices, providing a bright and vibrant environment for us to work and expand further in.

I became the Customer Service Team Leader in June 2014 and now manage a team of eight people. We handle inbound calls from our policy holders and assist them with any queries they have.

Before I became team leader at Carrot I’d had no previous management experience and I received a lot of support and training while I settled into my new role.

If you’re willing to work hard, there are so many opportunities within Carrot to progress, it’s great to develop professionally within an ever-expanding company. ”