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Understanding personality types is key to effective management

Knowing what makes employees tick is most probably the most effective way of boosting staff motivation and in turn increasing employee productivity. The importance of understanding personality types gives managers that much-needed insight into getting the most from their staff.

Our short 5 minute guide to understanding personality types can help employers create an effective team by combining individuals with differing attributes and motivations to reach higher levels of productivity.

According to psychology thought leaders on the subject of personality types, all individuals can be categorised into four personality types.

The Playfuls: Innovative, creative and enthusiastic, these are extroverts who are great at networking, socialising and having fun. While they’re forgiving and fast working, they also tend to be unorganised and easily distracted. These personality types need attention, affection and approval.

The Peacefuls: Easy-going, patient and calming, these steady individuals remain the same through the highs and lows and are sometimes hard to read. They’ll do everything they can to avoid confrontation. These personality types need harmony, respect and to be valued.

The Powerfuls: Productive, assertive and decisive, these risk-takers are always doing and are determined to perform tasks their way. They can be impatient and often unsatisfied, always searching for the next goal. These personality types need loyalty, credit and appreciation.

The Precises: Meticulous, ordered and lovers of structure, this is a group of perfectionists who abhor making mistakes. They tend to prefer work over play. These personality types need their own space, as well as quiet and sensitivity.

In reality, a team made up of a mixture of all personality types across the spectrum is ideal.

Often, uncovering these traits and personality types can be tricky when first meeting new candidates. Standard interview questions seldom delve deep enough into the motivations, beliefs and attitudes of the individual and so a more probing method of questioning is often put in place to gather the insights needed to make an accurate assumption of the personality types each candidate possesses.

Psychometric testing is often used to help profile candidates by personality types and give employers the information necessary to make an informed decision on the best candidate fit for their existing team or department.

Our tried and tested range of psychometric tests can help employers uncover star talent and ensure that their new candidate will be a real asset to their organisation and sync nicely with existing members of staff.

For more information on uncovering personality types at interview and psychometric testing, speak to a knowledgeable member of the Appointments team today on 01782 338787 or email

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