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Recruitment strategy key to small business growth

Talk to any small business owner on their plans for the future and you’ll likely hear that they’re planning to grow and expand their business in the next 12 months. Ask them what they think is key to achieving this growth and you might be surprised that the vast majority will tell you that they believe that a solid recruitment strategy is key to them achieving their goals.

For many years, small businesses were more concerned with managing the day to day operations of their company, but with the economy still experiencing a period of growth, a vast percentage of fledgling companies and small enterprises are seeing the benefit of implementing a recruitment strategy to help guide them towards the growth they are hoping to achieve.

With such a competitive job market, candidates are able to be more selective on the roles they apply for. Smaller businesses have often struggled to compete with the bigger brands in terms of candidate attraction, perks and salaries.

Therefore, they were often seen by jobseekers as a last resort or stopgap to bigger and better things.

However, by putting in place a recruitment strategy and having professional help and support, many small businesses have completely turned around their recruitment fortunes and are able to compete in a fiercely competitive jobs market just by taking advice and putting in place a plan of action to meet their recruitment needs.

Small businesses have so much to offer candidates that bigger organisations simply cannot achieve.

For example, workers engaged by small businesses often feel more valued and appreciated as they are seen as more than just a payroll number.

Employees also report that they feel more involved and engaged in their work as they are more aware of the impact their contribution has to the overall success of the business.

Contrary to popular belief, these elements rank far higher on the jobseeker ‘wish list’ than a big pay packet. Knowing what makes small businesses attractive to prospective candidates goes a long way towards competing against larger businesses, therefore its essential that employers of a small workforce gain an insight into what candidate attraction and recruitment strategy will work best for them.

For more information on implementing a recruitment strategy for your small business, speak to our team of experienced and knowledgeable recruitment specialists today on 01782 338787

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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

Managing Director at Appointments, Emma has spent 15 years building up a stellar reputation for commercial recruitment excellence across a variety of industries and sectors. There’s no staffing challenge Emma hasn’t encountered and her insight into the recruitment landscape has assisted countless clients achieve their goals over the years.

Specialising in the legislative and procedural side of business operations and through her extensive knowledge and continual training, Emma has a wealth of legal and contractual recruitment knowledge to help advise and support organisations of any size and in any industry.