interview no-shows

How to prevent interview no-shows

As well as being highly frustrating and just down-right rude, interview no-shows are a massive drain on your time and resources.

And what’s worse, the number of candidates who either cancel scheduled interviews at the last minute or fail to turn up at all are on the increase.

Instead of silently fuming that you’ve now got an hour waiting around until your next candidate arrives for their interview, let’s look at what you can do in the future to help prevent interview no-shows.

Email interview details
As soon as you invite the candidate in for an interview, send them a confirmation email detailing the time, date and location along with any other information that they will need in order to attend on the day.

Don’t forget to include a contact number and email address so should they need to cancel their appointment for whatever reason they’re able to do so. Ask that should they not be able to attend that they contact you as soon as possible.

Courtesy call
If your experiencing a high volume of interview no-shows, then it wouldn’t hurt to make a quick courtesy call the day before just to double check that the candidate is still available to come in for the interview as planned.

Many candidates are in the running for several jobs at any one time, so often appointments can be missed because they simply get confused on who they’re scheduled to see on any given day. If they aren’t able to attend then at least you know in advance and can spend your time more productively than simply waiting around for someone who isn’t going to show up.

Make a note of repeat interview no-shows
You’d be surprised at the amount of people that don’t turn up for an interview then re-apply for a job with the same company later on down the line. Plus, because you’re so busy sifting through applications, you often don’t notice that you’ve encountered this candidate before and they’ve failed to show up without giving any explanation.

To get round this, it’s well worth the time and effort to make a note of previous candidates and the outcome of their application. Make a note of why things weren’t progressed further and if you notice that they’re a prolific interview no-show then chances are that they’ll do the same again.

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