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How to pass your probationary period with flying colours

You’ve landed your dream job – well done! But now you’re faced with the prospect of having to prove to your new employer that you’re every bit as good as you said you were at interview during the probationary period.

Probationary periods are nothing new, however in the past five years we’ve seen an increase in length from some companies who now ask new employees to work for a period of as long as six months to prove their up to the job and that the first few weeks aren’t just beginners luck.

Nine times out of ten you’ll have nothing to worry about during your probationary period, but it’s a wise move to follow our top tips to ensure that you show your new boss that they made the right decision when hiring you.

Be on time
Punctuality is a big thing for employers, and if everyone else can make it to the office on time then so can you. As soon as you accepted the job you should have researched how you were going to make it to work in good time, so don’t try and make the excuse that the route was unfamiliar as it won’t go down well.

Show you’re a perfect fit
Employers don’t just hire you because you can do the job, they also need a new employee that will gel well with the rest of the team. Make it one of your daily tasks during your probationary period to get to know your new colleagues and show your new employer that you’re a good fit with the existing team.

Go all out
You obviously impressed the employer during your interview, but now’s the time to prove that you’re capable of being just as impressive in the workplace. Use your probationary period to showcase just how good you are at your job and you’ll be setting yourself up for career progression later on down the line.

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Emma Bonfiglio

About the author, Emma Bonfiglio

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